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for an exponential future

Strategy Consulting
  • Digital transformation strategy

  • Strategic planning

  • Change management

  • Competitive analysis

  • Business model transformation

Impact Analysis
  • Analyze the impact of exponential technologies on your business

  • Strategy planning for disruption 


Opportunity Analysis
  • Identify opportunities and develop strategies to benefit from the disruption caused by exponential technologies

Grey Limbo


At Abundance Works, we believe that the future is bright and abundant. To reach this abundant future we will have to navigate through turbulent times. Exponential technological development will cause sudden and unexpected disruption across industries. Investments and assets that appear sound will be distressed or stranded. This abundant future will be driven by a few secular technological trends:

  • Exponential growth in computational power

  • Ever cheaper, clean, renewable energy

  • Artificial Intelligence surpassing human capabilities in key areas

  • Commercially viable nano-technology applications – molecular machines and nano-medicine

  • Autonomous driving capability approaching Level 4 and ultimately Level 5

  • Faster 3D printing at scale

  • New age farming – alternative proteins, vertical farming – healthier and more sustainable food

  • Medical breakthrough and cures/vaccines for cancer and lifestyle diseases; Slowing down and reversing ageing

  • Space exploration and microgravity factories


We help our clients understand the technology transformation and disruption facing almost every industry and help them to develop strategies to thrive in the disruption. We help them to start thinking exponentially and how to be agile in face of fast evolving technology disruptions.



abundance works, SHAMS, UAE  Tel: +971 50 899 7939

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